The First Steps…

About an hour ago, I turned 21. And I’ve stayed awake just long enough to see the best present I could possibly have given myself.

I have two older siblings. Alex is older by six years, and Julia by four. In the few years we all lived under the same roof, my brother started getting into music (specifically guitar) in a big way. He was drum major of the high school marching band, but probably the only one of those that ran off field to grab an electric guitar to play the greatest of solos.

Alex was my first big influence. Some younger siblings had hand-me-down clothes, I was the only one I knew who had hand-me-down albums and bands too. If he listened to Green Day, I’d be the first in my friend group to start listening to them too, with about a two year delay.

I caught the bug from him, and when I was about 15 started a high school rock band. We played our fair share of shows, and every week of class seemed to drag on forever when we had a concert that weekend. As we played the last song of our first show, surrounded by friends I knew that I had found something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

At my time at college I took my time to get into music. I recorded songs on my own, played open mikes, I even played drums for a folk band. The passion wasn’t gone, I just couldn’t find the right outlet to express it in.

Senior year has changed that for me. I realized I wasn’t waiting for anyone but myself, and that if music is something I want to do then I’d better do it now and do it right. So I bought some equipment that will let me put on a great show solo, wrote and recorded some music, and am happy to announce my debut 3-song demo “The Demo Tape” is available today on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, BandCamp, as well as on CDs and download cards (interested? come find me busking on the T and playing shows this fall!).

And more than a release of music, I have a plan. And more than that plan, I have the support of every member of my family and friends that I’m so lucky to have. So, with that, I take my first steps towards a real career in music, but not alone. Because really, the music in my life doesn’t exist solely of my own accord, it is brought there by the people that surround me. Thank you to family and friends who have helped me take this first step.


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