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The Demo Tape Story

This past year I recorded and produced what would become a six song demo. It was mostly influenced by Real Estate and Beach House so I wound up with this really airy submissive sound I was going after. I really liked what I’d done and was really excited to share it with people. The plan was to call some places about CD replication, make a neat cover, get some musicians together, and have CD copies ready to distribute at our first show. Sounds great!

The salesman at the CD replication is very nice, but also very excited to get underway. I have a few weeks to get the CD replicated at a price we discussed – this is when plans fall apart. None of the musicians can practice on the schedule we all have, so I have to go it alone. I get a looping pedal, but discover that the EP songs won’t translate to the pedal and I need to write new ones. Now with two and a half weeks left before I need to...

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Writing Songs

I love talking music with people who usually don’t. When it comes up in conversations with friends and family, sometimes they turn towards the music I make. Sometimes, there’s a real natural curiosity in how I make my music step-by-step, and I’ll get questions I’ve never thought about on their own: how long does it take to write a song; how do you write your music; how long does it take for a song to go from idea to Spotify; etc.

I almost never think about these questions on their own, so it surprises me (in a good way) when I’m forced to.

Usually the question of order comes first. Chords, lyrics, melodies, background – what happens when? For me, it depends on the song. It seems like a cop-out answer, but every song is different. The one thing that’s universal is that every song starts with a worm I can’t get out of my ear. Maybe it’s a lyrical hook or twist that I just want to play...

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So this is the New Year…

It’s a new year and, to be honest, I don’t feel any different.

This past year has been an exciting one. It saw the release of my debut 3-song demo, my first live performances of these shows in Boston and Providence, and generally the staging for the beginning of my musical career. But you’re probably sick of me patting myself on the back for releasing a few songs, and that’s not the focus of this post anyway.

The focus of this post is the new year. 2015 marks the official start of what I’ve been building towards this past fall. I have a confirmed show with Todd Carey on the 7th of February at the Middle East, a tentative (but 90% likely) show at a Boston college SpringFest, a music video to record with TUTV, and a live session track to record with Sandbox Studios! It’s been four days since the new year and already I feel busy.

I feel like I’ve accomplished so much. But at the same...

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The First Steps…

About an hour ago, I turned 21. And I’ve stayed awake just long enough to see the best present I could possibly have given myself.

I have two older siblings. Alex is older by six years, and Julia by four. In the few years we all lived under the same roof, my brother started getting into music (specifically guitar) in a big way. He was drum major of the high school marching band, but probably the only one of those that ran off field to grab an electric guitar to play the greatest of solos.

Alex was my first big influence. Some younger siblings had hand-me-down clothes, I was the only one I knew who had hand-me-down albums and bands too. If he listened to Green Day, I’d be the first in my friend group to start listening to them too, with about a two year delay.

I caught the bug from him, and when I was about 15 started a high school rock band. We played our fair share of shows, and...

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